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Coffee Break

I’ve had a solid morning of meetings. I’m a little sick. My wife leaving town for a few days. Last but not least, things seem afwul quiet out in the blogoshpere. Thus, no Morning Coffee post today or Monday. See you Tuesday.

Morning Coffee 55

  • Many years ago, I picked .net instead of .com as DevHawk’s TLD. My old pal Chris picked up and redirected it to the site because he got tired of typing “devhawk ctl-enter” into the browser address bar and getting nothing. He must have let it lapse because now points to what looks like a splog in development. Part of me is annoyed, but a bigger part of me just doesn’t give a shit. You – dear reader – have found this site, and that is all I care about.
  • A couple of weekends ago, I re-wired my living room to enable surround sound. It meant adding a receiver to the mix, and that pushed us into three remote territory, which is too many. So I picked up a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote, since they have one specifically for the Xbox 360. So far so good, but I’m not sure my wife likes it much yet. However, their remote config application doesn’t run on Vista yet, so I had to bust out the old laptop to get it working.
  • I’ve written about Spec# before, but I’ve never experimented with it. MS Research just released a new version that support VS05, so here’s my chance. (via Larkware)
  • Speaking of MS Research, the Deepfish project has released a new tech preview. However, Loke Uei is reporting they’ve already maxed out on test accounts. (via Major Nelson)
  • Jeff Atwood says there’s no substitute for learning on the battlefield. I always say that the only way to get good at something is to suck at it for a while. Different words, same concept.
  • According to Naysawn Naderi, the “majority” of unit test features are being added to the Orcas Pro version. This is obviously good news, though personally I agree with Brad that they should available separately VS. Not sure it needs to be in the framework itself, inclusion in the .NET Framework SDK is probably sufficient. I also think there should be unit test support in the VS express editions as well. (via Knowing.NET)
  • I’ve been digging Geekdad, but most of the stuff is for older kids. I mean, I’d love to take my daughter karting, but she’s only two and can’t reach the pedals! However, I’m itching to try out today’s post on image searching with younger kids. The kids love to draw on my new tablet, so I’m thinking of not only searching but snipping these images into OneNote for them to doodle on.

Morning Coffee 54

  • The black Xbox 360 Elite is official. Details on Gamerscore and Major Nelson.
  • Jamie Fristrom of Torpex Games writes about XNA and the approval process for making an Xbox Live Arcade game. At the end of his post, he confirms that his team is using a “pre-pre-alpha” version of XNA Game Studio Professional. I wonder how long before that’s widely available?
  • Politics 2.0 Advice: When building your MySpace page, don’t use images hosted on other peoples servers. John McCain found out the hard way. (via Balloon Juice)
  • Speaking of Politics 2.0, you can check out the Roots Project, described as “a social networking site for people with progressive values, allowing them to form their own groups, sharing information and best practices nationally while acting together locally.” (via firedoglake)

Morning Coffee 53

  • The Virtual PC 2007 virtual video card seems to max out @ 1600 x 1200 resolution. Given that the two screens on my main dev workstation are 1200×1600 (i.e. portait mode) and 1680×1050, it means I can’t run VPC in full screen on my dev box. I can get close on the widescreen monitor, but I like writing code on the portain monitor better. Luckily, I can use remote desktop instead the built in VPC display window in order to get full screen on either monitor.
  • Soma announces the aquisition and immediate (i.e. free) availability of Teamplain web client for VSTS as part of Visual Studio’s 10th birthday. We’re also “publishing the Orcas Wave (Orcas + Rosario) roadmap for VSTS.” I’ll be interested to see the reaction to that. Mike’s reaction to the schedule was: “That’s insane”.
  • THe XNA tools just keep coming. Allegorithmic’s MaPZone texture creation tool is free to XNA developers. Actually, it looks like it’s free for everyone, as a carrot to upgrade to their procedural texture tool ProFX. Still, free tools are still free. (via Michael Klucher)
  • Can I get 1200U of rackspace, to go? Apparently, yes. (via Half My Brain)
  • Watched the season finale of Battlestar Galactica last night. Wow, is there a better show on TV right now? (yes, one: Lost. But that’s it) When it ended, my wife said “We have to wait until 2008 for a new episode? That sucks”. I couldn’t agree more.

Morning Coffee 52

  • I finally found a use for the free SOA book I got from attending that Thomas Erl workshop. I’m using it to prop up one end of my daughter’s mattress while she’s sick so she can sleep better.
  • Jeff Tash states axiomatically that CASE has evolved into Enterprise Architecture. I agree with his points about why software construction isn’t like manufacturing, but he seems to be describing BDUF rather than EA. I’m anti-BDUF too, but why blame EA? (via John deVadoss)
  • Joe McKendrick comments on my SaaS/SOA post and wonders if SOA should stand for “SOA Oriented Architecture”. He also writes that most organizations these days don’t have an SOA, they have an AOS, “Agglomeration Of Services”. So true, so true.
  • JD Meier talks up the new VSTS guidance available on CodePlex. Looks like some good stuff in there. I like how the p&p guys are moving from documents to wikis to deliver their guidance.
  • I’ve held off on getting the HD-DVD drive for my Xbox, but I think I’m going to cave soon, where soon == about two months. That’s when The Matrix Trilogy is released on HD-DVD. Right around my birthday too, how convienent.