Morning Coffee 53

  • The Virtual PC 2007 virtual video card seems to max out @ 1600 x 1200 resolution. Given that the two screens on my main dev workstation are 1200×1600 (i.e. portait mode) and 1680×1050, it means I can’t run VPC in full screen on my dev box. I can get close on the widescreen monitor, but I like writing code on the portain monitor better. Luckily, I can use remote desktop instead the built in VPC display window in order to get full screen on either monitor.
  • Soma announces the aquisition and immediate (i.e. free) availability of Teamplain web client for VSTS as part of Visual Studio’s 10th birthday. We’re also “publishing the Orcas Wave (Orcas + Rosario) roadmap for VSTS.” I’ll be interested to see the reaction to that. Mike’s reaction to the schedule was: “That’s insane”.
  • THe XNA tools just keep coming. Allegorithmic’s MaPZone texture creation tool is free to XNA developers. Actually, it looks like it’s free for everyone, as a carrot to upgrade to their procedural texture tool ProFX. Still, free tools are still free. (via Michael Klucher)
  • Can I get 1200U of rackspace, to go? Apparently, yes. (via Half My Brain)
  • Watched the season finale of Battlestar Galactica last night. Wow, is there a better show on TV right now? (yes, one: Lost. But that’s it) When it ended, my wife said “We have to wait until 2008 for a new episode? That sucks”. I couldn’t agree more.