My real name is Harry Pierson, but I’ve gone by “DevHawk” online since I started this blog back in 2003. My blog originally ran on an engine of my own design, then DasBlog, then WordPress. However, I missed having my own sandbox on the web, so I built a new engine called Hawk (natch) to power the blog. It’s written in C#, uses ASP.NET Core, runs on Azure and the source is up on GitHub.

I’m known best for my involvement in the Microsoft development community. I’ve been with Microsoft since October 1998 - over 18 years! In that time, I’ve had a wide variety of different jobs: consulting, pre-sales technical sales, architect evangelism, architect for Microsoft’s internal IT department and program manager for IronPython. Since late 2009, I’ve been a part of the Windows team. I spent the Windows 8 and 8.1 product cycles as a program manager on the team that built Windows Runtime. After four years as a PM, I got tired of writing specs so I switched to a developer role. I spent most of 2014 with the Midori research project working on C# for Systems. In 2015, I rejoined joined the core Windows team, working on the cross-platform plumbing that powers SmartGlass. I spent the early part of 2016 on loan to the Desktop Bridge team (aka Project “Centennial”). These days, I spend most of my time on the platform plumbing for Share. I’ve also been tangentally involved with the C++/WinRT project.

I always say that the only way to build great products is to talk to the people who use it. So feel free to contact me via email, Skype or Twitter.

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