“Working” From Home As The Office Moves

New Microsoft Issaquah Black Building

Even though I moved offices just a month ago, we moved again today. New office won’t be ready until Monday, so I “worked from home”. Of course, with two kids too young for school, getting much actual work done is essentially impossible. I did manage to get my blog upgraded to dasBlog 1.9 during the kids’ naps.

My new office building is “Issaquah Black” which is a much cooler name than “18″ or “Sammamish C”. The building used to be a Boeing building. In fact, my old next door neighbor used to work in this building, back when he and I lived a scant 2.5 mile / 6 minute commute from here. Boeing moved him to Everett and apparently decided to get rid of the building. A year ago, I moved to a new house on the outskirts of Redmond, so my commute is 12.5 miles / 20 minutes. Significantly longer than if I had never moved, but I love my house and can easily deal with a 20 minute commute. Even though main campus is closer (only 8 miles), with all the rush hour traffic it takes closer to 45 to get there!