Gamer Card Plugin for WL Writer

In my last post, I wanted to include a link to my gamer card, showing the NHL 07 logo on it. It turns out that in addition to the “official” gamer card from, there’s also the site which provides both image and flash versions of gamer cards. Since I’m using Windows Live Writer, and I hear it’s really easy to extend, I decided to throw together a plugin for inserting Gamer Cards. It was, as advertised, extremely easy. I spent more time laying out the dialog box than I did writing the code to interface with WL Writer.

The plug in provides basically five Gamer Card options:

  • Standard Gamer Card
  • Gamer Card image with link to Profile
  • Gamer Card image with link to Profile
  • Gamer Card image only
  • Gamer Card flash movie

I’m interested in feedback and suggestions for future versions. provides ten different Gamer Card styles (that’s my Gamer Card to the left) so that’s an obvious enhancement for another day. I’d also like to evolve the plugin into a “Smart Content Source”, which allows you to edit the content after it’s been created (like the default “Insert Map” option). Finally, I’m thinking of adding support for

Download (142.41 KB) and enjoy. Let me know what you think.