IronPython and [Insert MSFT Technology Here]

Now that PDC08 is in my rear view mirror, I’m back to doing IronPython stuff. One of the things I’m looking at is making IronPython work with a variety of Microsoft technologies. Given the usage of dynamic languages in web scenarios, most of our focus to date has been on using Iron languages in Silverlight. Being able to program the browser with the same language you program the server is a fairly compelling scenario. We’re also starting to see new progress on ASP.NET support for Iron languages.

But those are only two out of a veritable universe of cool technologies. Now that I’m done with PDC, I can start to explore some of the others. Some ideas include:

  • IPy and WPF
  • IPy and Surface
  • IPy and XNA (desktop only – Xbox and Zune use the Compact Framework with doesn’t support DLR)
  • IPy and WCF
  • IPy and WF

Any other suggestions? Please leave them in the comments.


IPy and MEF :)
How about IronPython and F# :-)
I agree with Glen, IPy and MEF would be a great combo. Another one would be IPy and CCR/DSS. I have just started looking at CCR/DSS and I think it would greatly benefit from a IPy integration.
Thanks for the opportunity! Could you please post an example of how to use .net attributes - that would be very helpful.
Data binding to IronPython and other DLR objects in Silverlight/WPF. I suppose the first question is whether it's possible and in what scenarios it can be done/not-done? On an unrelated topic, whats happening with Managed JScript on the DLR. Will that be a language made available by Microsoft on the DLR?
@Everyone, thanks for the input! @Chris, we can't use .NET attributes from IronPython today. It's something we're looking at post-2.0 @Apolon, I'll be addressing data binding in WPF next week. I'll look to see if the same approach I'll be describing works for Silverlight. As for Managed JScript on the DLR, it's available for Silverlight as part of the Silverlight Dynamic Language SDK ( It's not available for the desktop CLR.
I had a look at the Silverlight Dynamic Language SDK with respect to managed jscript and noticed two things: a) source code is not provided while it is for IronRuby and IronPython b) its only supported on Silverlight Given this background I have the following questions: a) Will the source code to managed jscript be provided as per IronPython and IronRuby b) Will it be supported on WPF? c) Is there a Microsoft blogger or PM in charge of the managed jscript on the DLR functionality (so I can stop bothering you with inane questions ;^)