Morning Coffee 135

  • Congrats to Barack Obama for walking away with the Iowa Democratic Caucus, which set turnout records. Frankly, I’m pretty cool with any of the democratic front runners but I think Obama has the best chance of winning in November. I’m not sure Edwards second time around will be any more successful than the last and I believe Clinton would drive the GOP GOTV campaign better than any of the actual GOP candidates would.
  • Obviously, I like to play M-rated games like Bioshock and Mass Effect. But I also like games I can play with my kids like Lego Star Wars. There are two new Lego games coming out this year: Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman. I can’t wait.
  • Speaking of gaming, Xbox LIVE had some issues over the holiday break, due to record setting sign-ups and concurrent users. Record setting numbers is a nice problem to have if you’re on the business side, but a not-so-nice if you’re a customer or work in operations. The XBL GM announced they’re offering a “token of appreciation” for everyone’s patience – a free XBLA game. Assuming it’s not a crappy game, it’s a classy move.
  • I watched Transformers on HD-DVD last night. Fun movie with lots of action, but man is it dumb. John Turturro is the only real stand-out.
  • Dustin Campbell implements cons, cdr and car from Scheme in C# and VB. While of limited production value (Dustin specifically warns readers not to use any of his code), it really demonstrates how different the functional world is from the object/imperative one, right down to the concept of type. Cons doesn’t return a tuple, it returns function with two bound variables. (via DNK)