Morning Coffee 97

  • For the first six months of 2007, I posted 158 times in 181 days. I’m obviously off the pace I set in January of averaging a post a day, but I am averaging just under nine tenth of a post per day. Not bad. At this rate, I’ll post almost as much this year as I did the last two years combined.
  • It was a great family weekend. Saturday, three of my friends helped me move an upright piano that we got used for a great price. Luckily, one of said friends is also a physics teacher, otherwise I don’t think we could have gotten that heavy thing in the truck. To say thanks, we BBQed for them Saturday evening. Then yesterday we took the kids to see a Sesame Street Live show. Both days were beautiful, which my wife greatly appreciated.
  • The Caps hit the free agent market running yesterday, picking up Tom Poti (four years, $14 million) and Victor Kozlov (two years, $5 million). They weren’t the A-list free agents, but they both seem like solid pickups. According to Japer’s Rink, the Caps were about $6.5 million under the new cap minimum. These two signings just about close that gap, but it doesn’t sound like they’re done. That’s good news for Caps fans.
  • Scott Guthrie continues his series on LINQ to SQL. While I’ve seen most of this before, the cool thing Scott shows is hovering over the LINQ to SQL result and bringing up the exact SQL statement in a debugger window. That’s pretty cool.
  • Nick Malik is now “Mr. SOA” inside MSIT. As you might imagine, I’ll be working with him fairly closely. Actually, he’s late to a meeting with me as I type this.
  • John Shewchuk announces a new version of BizTalk Services coming soon. The big new feature is access control for services exposed via the BizTalk Services. If you can’t wait, you can try out the new stuff in their pre-production environment right now, before it’s live. Is this a beta of a beta?
  • Soma announces the MSDN Small Business Developer Center. I took a quick look thru the site. Strangely enough, it doesn’t cover Dynamics – Microsoft’s business software primarily targeting small and medium size businesses.
  • Ted Neward called object/relational mapping the “Vietnam of Computer Science“. David Chappell gives us our next war / technology analogy, declaring that the REST vs. WS-* war is over, ending in a truce like the Korean war rather than “crushing victory for one side”.
  • Like Jeff Atwood, I didn’t realize About Face has been updated, twice. I am a huge fan of the first edition, but Jeff calls About Face 3 “the best edition of this classic yet”. I just ordered a copy for myself.
  • David McGhee transcribed a fantastic session with Dr. Don Ferguson at the Australian Architecture Forum on SOA/ESB integration in the real world. Go read the whole thing. Udi Dahan pulls out the quote “there is no such thing as a centralized ESB.” Amen to that. My other favorite quotes from this discussion is “The temptation is often to get everything in a repository, but often you cannot rely on people to put everything in the registry” and “there is sometimes the “Highlander” philosophy of there can be only one service”. If you’re design depends on centralization and/or significant change in human behavior, it’s doomed from the start. Frankly, it’s amazing how often that happens.
  • In response to my What is the Rails Question post, Hartmut Wilms wonders why “the .NET community (for the most part) ignores Open Source Projects”. I wonder the same thing, though I don’t think you can lump the whole .NET community together on this. While some parts of the community ignore anything they can’t download from MSDN, other parts strongly embrace open source projects.


Hey you forgot to mention that the Capitals also signed Michael Nylander. With Nicklas Bäckström and Nylander on the team you can expect Capitals to win next years Stanley Cup for sure ;) Thx for a great blog, your dougnuts are great summaries of the blogosphere! /Andreas (obviously from Sweden)
The Nylander deal wasn't done when I wrote this. In fact, the word was Nylander was going to the Oilers. Believe me, I'm happy he's a Cap!
Wow....what a completely worthless post. People like you are what is wrong with this country. You are obviously very politically polarized. It's one thing to dislike Bush (you have plenty of reason!), but when you step forward and say the solace is the Democrats coming to power, then it's pretty clear that you are just another partisan who thinks their party can do no wrong and the opposing party can do no right. But then to say that you have a hard time celebrating our country's independence...Geesh...Why? Just because it isn't your party's guy in the Oval House? So your love of your country is limited by the extent of your political party's power? Frightening. Very frightening. I love my country regardless who is in power. I vote my heart and speak my mind. This country isn't it's government. It's the people. Remember that from civics in grade school? Unsubscribed. Your blog isn't that interesting anyway and I can certainly do without people such as yourself.
Hi Harry, Sorry I was on vacation on Monday July 2nd, so if I was late for a meeting with you, it must have been because I forgot to tell you that my vacation had started. To be honest, at that time, I was cleaning out my garage. ;-) --- Nick