Quote of the Day

In a discussion on governance in our bi-weekly Integration v-team meeting, Jason Howell made the following tongue-in-cheek suggestion:

“If you have architect in your title, you get a taser.”

Morning Coffee 63

  • My friend Christoph Schittko (who used to blog here, but hasn’t written anything in almost two years) recently wrote on an internal email thread that he “wonder[s] how many more attempts for “enterprise wide” thingies we need for people to figure out that there’s too much complexity involved to coordinate anything enterprise wide.” I couldn’t agree more, though I think it’s more than just complexity at work here. There are significant forces driving decentralization in society in general and IT in particular, and anything enterprise wide is by definition centralized.
  • I’m way behind on this, but Ray Ozzie did an fascinating interview with Knowledge@Wharton. I was especially interested in his separation of “big-I” and “small-i” innovation. Sounds like disruptive and sustaining innovation from The Innovator’s Dilemma to me.
  • According to Mary Jo Foley, my ex-teammate Mike Walker is “da man” on Office Business Applications, or OBA’s.
  • I think I have an old PocketPC hanging around in a drawer somewhere. Apparently, I can use it as a caller ID server instead of gathering dust. That’s sorta freaky. (via Backstage @ MED)
  • Quote of the Day: “If you have a live show on a TV network, Its not good to have a brain fart during a slow news week.” – Mark Cuban. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other about Don Imus, but Mark’s points about the conservatism of media corporations are spot on.

Quote of the Day

“Having a family member who is in politics, I’ve learned that whenever you see what seems like a religious fundamentalism there usually is a quest for money and/or power behind it.”
-Dare Obasanjo, What is Rob Weir (and IBM’s) Agenda with the OOXML Bashing?

QOTD – Rick Barnes

As usual, I’m behind on blogging. This quote is actually from last Tuesday.

“Sunshine is a terrific bleach”
Rick Barnes

Rick, by the way, is my manager.