Pygments for Windows Live Writer v1.0.2

I just uploaded a new version of my Pygments for WL Writer plugin to my skydrive. Nothing major here – some minor UI cleanup + an upgrade to IronPython 2.6 beta 2. Installing over the old version worked on my machine, but that’s as far as my testing has gone. I also pushed the latest source out to GitHub.

I’m still waiting on a fix for what Dino has taken to calling “Harry’s Pygments Import Bug” – which actually turned out to be three importer bugs. The Pygments lexers package is customized so as to abstract away the specific modules the individual lexers are defined in. I don’t use that functionality – I’m using get_all_lexers and get_lexer_by_name instead – but the bugs caused importing the package to fail so in the mean time I commented out the lines that don’t work under IronPython. I think Dino’s got the fixes for this checked in, but I probably won’t update Pygments for WL Writer again until IronPython 2.6 RC.