“The Save”

This is an amazing picture of an amazing save in yesterday’s Capitals/Penguins 3-2 nail biting victory. (video on YouTube) The goalie is Simeon Varlamov who played most of the season at Hershey for the Capital’s minor league team. But he got the call in game two of the Caps opening round series against the Rangers and has posted a 1.5 Goals Against Average since, including two shutouts.

Photo by Clyde Caplan. Used under a Creative Commons license.


No sports or fun future Ironpython stuff for you! Get back to work on ipydbg - NOW! ;)
Before the playoffs started, I thought if 'we' (the Pens) met you, we'd have the upper hand because of Huet. No fair having the second coming of Ken Dryden and/or Patrick Roy. Hats off to you/him. Even if I hate you...LOL.
Ahem - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvyqkYmJWHg See you in the final... ;-)
That is an incredible shot. As an action sports photographer myself, I am impressed. Great job, and great save.