The Lounge Survey

I just joined The Lounge advertising network so I wanted to pass along an opportunity to win a bunch of great technical books.

The Lounge is asking the readers of the blogs in their network to fill out a survey in order for them to improve how they target their advertising. It’s pretty much what you would expect from an advertising network focused on the .NET development platform: what language(s) do you use, what framework(s), what testing tool(s), etc, etc, etc. Takes like three minutes to fill out at most.

We all know that filling out surveys isn’t what most people consider “exciting” or “fun”. In order to incent you, dear Reader, to take a few minutes of your valuable time to fill out the survey, The Lounge is giving away all forty one of Manning’s “In Action” books, including IronPython In Action. Even if you don’t win, you still get 40% discount off any purchase from Manning.

So it’s up to you, a scant few minutes of your time in exchange for a chance to win enough technical books to keep you busy for months.


I'll fill out the survey. It would be slightly ironic if I won the books. :-)
It would only be 2.44% ironic (1/41)