As I write various python modules (many of which get blogged about), I dump them into a special folder on my machine(s). In my powershell profile script, I set the IRONPYTHONPATH environment variable so that these modules are available to the IPy interpreter (i.e. ipy.exe). To date, I’ve been pretty haphazard about this. But I decided to get a little more structured and put that folder under source control and make it available as “devhawk_ipy”.

So far, I’ve only got three scripts (plus an empty in devhawk_ipy.

Eventually I’ll put my code for working with WPF, LiveFX and Azure into this package, but I’m not happy with where they are yet.

Like ipydbg, devhawk_ipy is up on GitHub. For those non-Git users, I’m will continue to these files up on my SkyDrive. I kind of see SkyDrive as a dumping ground for random content while devhawk_ipy is where stuff goes when it’s a little more polished.

Like IronPython, devhawk_ipy is licensed under the MS-PL. If you’re interested in contributing, feel free to fork and send me patches.