CodeHTMLer Language Definition for Python

As I’ve blogged before, I use CodeHTMLer to post code snippets on my blog. I hear SyntaxHighlighter is the new hotness, but since it relies on CSS the syntax highlighting only appears on the website and not in the RSS reader.

The problem with CodeHTMLer is that it only supports a handful of languages out of the box. But the language definition file is simple enough – just an XML file with a bunch of regular expressions. When I was doing a lot of F# work, I wrote an F# language definition. Now that I’m on the IronPython team, go figure I’m writing a lot of code in Python. I *know* I’ve written a Python language definition for CodeHTMLer more than once, but I would forget to post it and then lose it when I paved my laptop hard drive. So after doing this three or four times, I’ve finally remembered to put it up on my SkyDrive.

If you want to install this yourself to colorize Python code snippets with CodeHTMLer, follow the directions I posted earlier with the F# language definition.


Feel free to post the defintion on the codeplex site as well. That's what is there for.