Nobody Cares That I Called McCain a Dick?

In Febuary, when I said “Romney’s a real douche bag”, several upset commenters vowed never to read my blog again. I was even called a bigot (though Dale jumped in and explained how wrong a charge that is). Frankly, anytime I run a political post, especially ones where I call prominent Republicans names, that’s the reaction I expect.

So it kinda surprised me that the response to calling McCain a dick and his campaign an embarrassment was so tepid. No outrage. No promises to unsubscribe nor predictions that others would do likewise. Dale sounds like he agrees that McCain’s campaign is an embarrassment, even though he clearly supports McCain. RandyG doesn’t have anything to say about McCain one way or the other, but he thinks Obama is a “pompous dick”. Only BigJ provides any defense of McCain at all, but it’s an extremely weak defense. He described McCain as “not afraid to tick off a powerful, influential, big money contributor”, which I would expect is hard to say out loud with a straight face. Given that McCain has raked in millions in contributions from the oil industry after flip-flopping on offshore drilling, describing the Hilton’s $4,600 contribution as “powerful, influential, big money” is laughable. Hell, McCain is returning ten times that amount in “unusual” (read: possibly illegal) contributions because they “just didn’t sound right”.

I figure there are two main possible reasons for the lack of outrage:

  • All my readers who are willing to unsubscribe because I don’t agree with their political view have already left, leaving only those who agree with or simply ignore my political posts.
  • The number of people willing to stand up and defend McCain, even anonymously in my small corner of the Internet, is very small.

Personally, I probably a little of both, but I’m guessing it’s more the latter than the former.


When I saw your comment, I bought a second subscription! ;-)
why be upset, if liberals want to call their own names, who am i to stop them?
Ok, we can have some fun with this! You're right, "powerful, influential, big money contributor" doesn't really sound right without the proper inflection. Dittoheads would understand. Reading long responses can be arduous so I was trying to be short and cute. As for the post analysis, there is an additional possible reason for the lack of responses that you failed to mention. No one cares what an Obama supporter thinks about politics, it’s likely to change when his handlers write the next speech anyway ;) haha.
I wasn't as outraged as you by that clip. But, to your question, it's because everyone knows just how much of a dick he really can be: Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know — and loathe Seriously, he made a tasteless joke about Chelsea Clinton who was a teen at the time? Wow, a bunch of old men laughing over that. Dick. Definitely. On a lighter note, it's only deserving to laugh at the old coot and his early onset moments:
I wouldn't call McCain's whole campaign an embarrassment, simply agreeing that the commercial in question was in poor taste. In any case, I haven't decided for sure who I am voting for since neither candidate is close to what I would call a conservative. I will never unsubscribe just because you write something political. It is your blog after all, and I find your arguments well thought out even when I disagree with them.
I have to agree with Dale Churchward -- one commercial doesn't make the whole campaign an embarrassment. But since EVERY commercial exhibits the same qualities, I think it's safe to say.
Ok,you asked for it :) You are a dick & I'm not following your blog anymore