Debugging IronPython Code in Visual Studio

In case I’m not the last person on the planet to figure this out…

  1. In VS, click on File->Open->Project/Solution or press Ctl-Shift-O
  2. Select ipy.exe from wherever you put it
  3. Right click ipy.exe in Solution Explorer and select Properties
  4. In the Command Arguments box, type “-D” (to generate debug code) and the full path to the script you want to execute. If you want to drop into interactive mode after the script executes, also include a “-i”
  5. Open the script you specified in step 4 and place breakpoints as usual
  6. Run via Debug->Start Debugging or press F5

Thanks Srivatsn for helping me out with this.


Very helpful, thanks!!
Thanks Harry! One question I have is - is it possible to step through in Jim Hugunin's wonderful DLR Console? It is 2k lines of Python code that I am trying to wrap my head around, but have not found a way in VS 2008 to step through the code. Any help appreciated. Keep up the good writings!