Flyers Knot Series @ One

Ever hear the phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”? That’s about how I feel about the Caps effort in this afternoon’s loss to the Flyers.

There are two possible explanations for today’s game:

  1. After going 11-1 to finish the season and coming from behind in the third period of game one, the Caps were just emotionally drained and couldn’t get up for today’s game.
  2. The Flyers have figured out how to shut the Caps down completely.

Personally, I think it’s explanation #1. If it’s #2, it’s gonna be a short series.

I had written a bunch of observations, but go read Japers instead. He hit all the points I was going to and more.

Update: I almost forgot, good to see Patrick Thoresen (the Flyer who took a Mike Green Slapshot to the groin Friday) wasn’t as seriously hurt as initially thought.