Morning Coffee 156

  • My hockey team won last night 4-2. No points for me, but I was even on the night. I did spend some time in the penalty box, but I was serving a two many men on the ice bench minor. We only had nine skaters, not enough for two full lines, so I’m pretty tired today. However, I’m not as tired as I was two weeks ago – that’s a good sign.
  • Politics 2.0 watch: The Obama campain announced yesterday that they raised $55 million in donations in the month of February. That’s significantly more than Clinton ($35 million) and McCain ($12 million) combined. Even more impressive is that $45 million of that was raised online, of which $40 million were from donations of $100 or less and $22.5 million were from donations of $25 or less. I guess in Politics 2.0, individuals contribute more than online punditry and video parodies of political commercials.
  • TextGlow is a Sivlerlight 2 based Word docx file viewer, created by James Newton-King. Nice, but what I really want is “SlideGlow”, a SL2 based PPTX file viewer. (via DNK)
  • Speaking of Silverlight, Windows Live launched an experimental site called PhotoZoom which will let you create DeepZoom photo albums. (via LiveSide)
  • Charlie Calvert has created a home for Language Futures discussion on MSDN Code Gallery. If you’ll recall, back in January he asked for input on Dynamic Lookup. Now he’s looking for feedback on Call Hierarchy, a proposed VS IDE feature to help you visualize how your code flows. Great idea, but the Call Hierarchy dialog mockup isn’t very intuitive. Couldn’t we put these visualizations into the code editor window directly, like CodeRush does?
  • John Lam continues his Dynamic Silverlight series, first building a Flickr image browser in Managed JScript then showing how to integrate an IronRuby version of the Flickr image browser with an ASP.NET MVC app.
  • EdJez is inspiring. Subscribed. (via Brad Wilson)