This is a very pretty sight. It’s a screenshot from the IronPython CodePlex home page showing that 2.0 is the “current release”. Yes that’s right, dear reader, IronPython 2.0 has officially been released!

Get it now!

This release marks the end of a very busy year for me, nine months to the day since I accepted the offer to join the dynamic languages team. Between helping ship IronPython 2.0 and helping manage the languages and tools PDC08 track, I’ve been swimming in the deep end of the pool all year. Feels good to not have any immediate deliverables for the next month or two.

Major, major props to Dino, IronCurt, Dave and Srivatsn who have done the heavy lifting on the IPy side this release. Also major props to the DLR team, who are releasing the final 0.9 version of the DLR later today in concert with IPy 2.0. (Update: the DLR 0.9 RTW bits are now available) And of course, HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to the vibrant IPy community, many of whom are listed by name in the release notes.

Even with 2.0 finally out the door, there’s no rest for the dynamic. As per the release notes, “we’re planning on releasing IronPython 2.0.1 fairly soon” so keep those bug reports coming. Going forward, we’ve got big plans for IronPython and we rely heavily on the continued input from our community, so please keep telling us where we can improve.

On a personal note, the past nine months have been busy – very busy – but they’ve also been a blast. Frankly, I was hesitant about joining the product groups for a long time because I was worried about the grind, the culture, the overall experience. Turns out my fears were overblown, though I’m thinking that’s at least partially related to the fact that I work on a “little” project like IronPython rather than a huge project like Visual Studio.


could you guys rename the installer to IronPython-2.0.msi or somesuch thing? when I tried to install it, Windows recognized it as 2.0-RC2 installer and asked me to whether repair or remove the software.
Congrats on the release of IPy 2.0. You are lucky to work with such a great team!
@srid, sounds like an installer bug. I'll have the team look into it. @brian, yes I am very lucky to work on this team!
Congratulations to the team! That's very nice work. My team is already using IPy in production as a presentation-layer scripting engine for SharePoint applications. It's been very useful and it is a very important piece of our architecture.
Congratulations IPy guys! Wonderful stuff.
@srid, turns out it's not an installer bug, it's the same installer as RC2. We made zero changes between RC2 and RTM. If you have RC2 installed, you've got the RTM version.