Resolver One 1.3 Released


IronPython’s biggest customer is Resolver Systems, makers of Resolver One, “a familiar spreadsheet-like interface with the powerful Python programming language to give you a tool to analyse and present your data.” While I think they have a great product on pure merit – I’ve been impressed with their product since I was introduced to it at Lang.NET this year – I’m particularly interested in Resolver One as it’s written in IronPython. They use IPy not only as the embedded language exposed to end users but as the underlying implementation language as well.

Furthermore, these guys are heavily involved in the IPy community. Resolver developer Michael Foord is writing a book on IronPython and was our first Dynamic Language MVP. Michael’s Resolver colleague Jonathan Hartley did me a solid by taking my space at ØreDev. Even the CTO and Co-founder Giles Thomas is a regular blogger and speaker at events. Let me tell you, having guys this great in the community sure makes my job easier.

I just wanted to give the Resolver folks a shout out and say major congratulations on shipping a new version of their core Resolver One product. Michael has more info on this release as well as a glance forward with their plans for their next (IPy 2.0, woot!)