Morning Coffee 135

  • Bill Gates does his last CES Keynote, and we announce a PC that looks like a purse?
  • News that Warner Brothers is going exclusively Blu-Ray is disappointing. However, I’m convinced that neither side will win this format war but that online downloads will trump both. Obviously, XBLM is a significant player in this space, but the market is crowding up quickly. Netflix apparently will unveil a new set-top box @ CES to let you watch HD movies via the Internet.
  • Don Syme has a roundup of posts by John Liao about F#. Mostly, WPF + F# with a couple of ASP.NET 2.0 posts and one on XML .
  • Speaking of F#, Stephan Tolksdorf has been working on an F# port of MS Research’s Parsec library called FParsec. Parsec is a “monadic parser combinator library”, something I have little experience with, so I’ve gone back to some source research on the topic, which I hope to blog at length about soon.
  • Steve Vinoski talks about serendipitous reuse in his latest Internet Computing article. I’m not a believer in reuse in the enterprise, serendipitous or otherwise, but I liked the conclusion to Steve’s article when he wrote “It’s highly ironic that many enterprise architects seek to impose centralized control over their distributed organizations. In many cases, such centralization is a sure recipe for failure.” Also, his point that “control without controlling” works sounds vaguely familiar.
  • Update: This is really Morning Coffee 136, but I don’t want to change the title since it’s part of the URL