365 and Counting

Steve Benen points out:

You may have noticed, on bumpers or t-shirts, the “1.20.09” slogan. It denotes, of course, Inauguration Day for Bush’s successor.

I just thought I’d mention that after seven painful years, the Bush presidency will end exactly one year from today. It’s obviously something to look forward to.

It’s an awkward period in Democratic politics right now — a contentious presidential primary, a frustrated Democratic Congress — but looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, and knowing it’s probably not a train, might serve as a morale booster.

From the morale perspective, it’s worth noting the voter turnout in the primaries so far. Yesterdays’ Democratic Nevada primary is the third in a row to set turnout records. On the Republican side, Benen points out that McCain won South Carolina yesterday with a 135,000 votes but eight years ago, he got nearly 100,000 more votes in a losing effort. By my calculation, Republican South Carolina turnout was 30% less than it was in 2000.

Voter turnout in early primaries doesn’t make this election a sure thing by any means, but it sure is an encouraging sign.


Encouraging, yes, but I think one thing could set Republican voter turnout records. And that would be Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.
I agree 100%. http://devhawk.net/2008/01/04/Morning+Coffee+135.aspx
Go Hillary! Republicans Unite!