Morning Coffee 115

  • Scott Guthrie has two new posts in his series on LINQ to SQL. The first covers updating the database using stored procs instead of dynamic SQL. I was somewhat surprised that there wasn’t the capability to auto-generate vanilla Insert, Update and Deleted procs, but I guess DBA’s probably hate that anyway. The second shows how to use ExecuteQuery to execute arbitrary SQL instead of using the cool LINQ query syntax. I’m doing a bunch of loosely-typed SQL work right now, so I’m going to take a deeper look at this.
  • Speaking of LINQ, I just discovered this great series on IQueriable by Bart De Smet. It’s four months old, but takes an incredibly detailed look at what happens under the hood with LINQ. Bart also has a reference implementation of LINQ’s standard query operators as well as LINQ to Sharepoint.
  • Dan Maharry has pulled together what looks like the definitive guide for really slimming down and speeding up your VPC. It’s XP specific, but I’d bet most of the guidance would also apply to WS03, which is what I mostly use in my VPCs. (via Larkware)
  • Jimmy Nilsson thinks it’s the operations department that holds the power in today’s IT world. I agree 100% That’s why I value Dale’s input so much.
  • Nick Malik wonders if it’s time to translate the Federal Enterprise Architecture for use in the commercial sector. My dad just retired from 5 years in the FAA and he thinks FEA is too high level to be particularly useful.
  • The 2007 edition version of Scott Hanselman’s ultimate tool list is now available.
  • A bunch of XNA Gamefest sessions are now available for on-demand viewing.