Morning Coffee 107

  • The last day of the service factory workshop was much like the second, primarily focusing on stuff p&p built to integrate GAT and DSLs. We also got a briefing in what’s coming for factories after VS08 (can’t blog about that). We ended with a look at the DSL Editor Power Toy, which provides additional views on a given model and allows you to completely replace the graphical editor with a Windows Forms UserControl. I wonder if you could use ElementHost in order to build a WPF based editor?
  • Finished the last Harry Potter book last night. My wife finished it last week but kept quiet about it until I got to the end. No spoilers here, but I wasn’t exactly surprised by how it played out. I wonder what J.K. Rowling will write next?
  • As promised, Silverlight 1.0 RC and Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh were released last week. Also finishing out this beta wave were Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Tools for VS08 and a new preview of Expression Blend 2. Scott Hanselman has all the details on all the releases.
  • In one of his articles on LINQ to SQL, Scott Guthrie mentioned the LINQ to SQL debug visualizer in passing. Now, he drills into that feature in more detail. Apparently, this isn’t a built-in feature of VS08 – it has to be installed separately. Make sure you do that, this seems like a must-have extension for LINQ to SQL development.
  • Jeff Atwood is worried that he spends more time talking about programming than actually programming. That’s exactly why I left evangelism to join MSIT.
  • I’m still way behind on blogs, but if I don’t post this soon, it’s going to be an afternoon coffee. I’ve also got this day job thing that I’ve been away from for several days. So more old news tomorrow.


>wasn't exactly surprised by how it played out you *weren't* suprised when Ron and Hermione died? you must have a heart of stone. thoroughly enjoyed the book, though ;-)