Service Factory Customization Workshop Day One

No morning coffee posts for the first half of this week, because I’m in training thru Wednesday. Day one was mostly overview of GAT and DSL, which was review for me. Today we’re starting to dig into some of the new stuff they’ve build for the new version of WSSF, so I’m paying much more attention today.

This isn’t your typical workshop in that the content is sort of being generated on the fly. As I type, we’re voting on what we’re going to cover for the next two days. Most classes I’ve been in are pre-programmed, the teacher doesn’t ask the class what topics should be covered and what order. There isn’t even one “teacher” - there are five folks from p&p including the architect, dev lead and PM of WSSF that are tag-teaming. Even the hands-on labs aren’t completely ironed out – they’re evolving the lab directions as we do the labs. It’s atypical, but it works.