Morning Coffee 101

  • In doing a little LINQ research, I stumbled upon Wes Dyer’s Yet Another Language Geek blog. Fascinating stuff. Subscribed. Be sure to check out his recent posts about Partial Methods, another new C# 3.0 (and VB9) language feature.
  • Werner Vogles has a great post on what a CTO does, including a summary of four different approaches to the job.
  • Somasegar lets us know that even though VS08 doesn’t launch until February of next year, MSFT is “still aiming to release Visual Studio 2008 and .NET FX 3.5 by the end of this year”.
  • There’s a new version of the Windows Live Mobile Search client. The Virtual Earth / Live Search team blog has the details. New features include Movie Showtimes, More Local Data with Reviews and improved Maps and Directions (including GPS integration). Can’t wait to get this installed. (via Dare Obasanjo)
  • XNA Gamefest is coming up next month. It’s sort of like PDC for game developers. It’s where we make our big game dev announcements – last year, we announced XNA GSE there. They recently published their session abstracts, including a whole track on XNA Game Studio Express. As Shawn Hargreaves points out, an “enterprising reader could probably make a good guess” about some of the new stuff getting announced @ Gamefest.