Morning Coffee 100

  • The big 100. This puts be 1083 posts behind Iron Link Poster Mike Gunderloy. As his .NET skills deteriorate, maybe I can catch up…but I doubt it. I’m only 77 posts behind Sam Gentile, so maybe that’s a bit more feasible.
  • The ADO.NET Team blog announces the new Entity Framework CTP. Looks like there’s also a new .NET Framework 3.5 CTP and new Visual Web Developer “Orcas” Express CTP as well. (via Sam Gentile)
  • Speaking of “Orcas” VS 2008, it launches with Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 next February. (via DNK)
  • Scott Guthrie continues is LINQ to SQL series. This time, using LINQ to SQL to update the database.
  • My friend Arvidra Semhi recently moved and rebooted his blog. Among his many accomplishments, Arvindra started the Architecture Journal. I’m particularly interested in his recent Service Capsule work. Subscribed.
  • Last night was the Microsoft E3 Briefing. Gamerscore blog has the news rundown. Didn’t seem to be any HUGE news. Last year’s E3 was the first Halo 3 showing and X06 featured the Halo Wars announcement. Nothing that earth-shaking this time, though the XBLM keeps on rolling, now featuring Disney movies. (Major Nelson has a list.) I’m thinking that the whole HD-DVD vs. BluRay war is going to be eclipsed by direct download before it’s over, though I’m still waiting for PC support & all-you-can-eat pricing.
  • Politics 2.0 Watch: Clay Shirky has a great blog post on modern-day Luddites. As he points out: “A Luddite argument is one in which some broadly useful technology is opposed on the grounds that it will discomfort the people who benefit from the inefficiency the technology destroys.” How much inefficiency is there in our modern political system? And more importantly, who benefits from that inefficiency? We’ve already seen the dramatic effects blogs can have on political news, media and reporting. What happens when users citizens are no longer satisfied just writing about the political process and want to get their hands dirty in the policy-making process itself?