Morning Coffee 99

  • Mladen Prajdic has a great post on handling a database in your unit tests. He mentions NDbUnit but seems mostly to favor SQL 2005′s database snapshot feature. He’s got sample code for creating and restoring a snapshot. (via DNK)
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.5 released yesterday. Tandy Trower – GM of the Robotics group – has the details on what’s new.
  • Herb Sutter has a new column in Dr. Dobbs on concurrency. First up, “building a consistent mental model for reasoning about concurrency”. Sounds like a must read column. (via LtU)
  • Scott Hanselman describes “Sez You Architecture”. I wonder, do architecture ninjas get to wear a Shinobi shozoku?
  • From the Not Everyone Agrees With DevHawk Dept.: Libor Soucek disagrees with me and thinks that durable messaging should be avoided. I had a hard time following Libor’s logic but needless to say, I disagree with his disagreement. He writes that one of the reasons to use DM is for “Cooperating on transaction with external system”. While multiple systems may be cooperating on a business transaction, in no way do I believe they are going to cooperate on a database transaction. But since he started talking about the DTC, I suspect we’re talking past each other. Libor, drop me a line and we can discuss further.