Morning Doughnuts 11

Harry will be back on Monday so I will returning to blogging on my website, while I will let the expert return to his normal posts here (not that he really took a break). I agree with Harry’s post in that I really want to get something built so that we can talk about more than theoretical models. Like last time I appreciate the opportunity to sub for the master this last week. I hope that you found some of my entries interesting.

  • Sam Gentile wrote the other day why it’s great to be a Microsoft developer. I enjoyed that post because I just celebrated the end of my first year here at Microsoft. At this point I am not sure what I have contributed, but I have learned a great deal and want to apply that knowledge over the next year to help the company to succeed. We really do have great people and great technologies.
  • The Seattle/Oklahoma City Sonics hired a GM who is only 30 years old. You know you must be getting old when the people running the sports teams are younger than you. 😄 He comes from the Spurs organization though so at least he has a background from a successful franchise.
  • Ben Pearce listed out his top 5 questions about PowerShell this week at TechEd. He also recommends the book “PowerShell in Action” by Bruce Payette. I heartedly agree with this endorsement as the book is excellent.
  • It looks like there are going to be more family friendly games for the Xbox 360. I for one am glad to hear that. The other day as I was trying to find some games my 4 year old with the broken leg could play I realized how many games I have that wouldn’t be appropriate for him. This is very good news in my opinion.