Morning Doughnuts 10

  • I am a big fan of PowerShell, and I know Harry likes it as well. Of course I have aliased many of the commands so they appear more Unix like. I mention this because David Aiken mentions a new product for PowerShell called NetCmdlets produced by N Software. I downloaded a trial and have been impressed so far. If you use PowerShell it might be worth giving this a look.
  • The New Yorker has an interesting article about feature choices in technology. Basically it comes down to customers choose products with more features and customization options if given the choice, but when they actually have to use the products they prefer simplicity. I think that is something lost on those of us who design things. Giving users every possible option can make our products seem more difficult to use over simpler less feature rich choices. (via Coding Horror)
  • Well it took longer than some may have guessed, but Microsoft has been sued over the name Vista by a French TV company. Apparently they were going to launch a television station with the same name. I wonder what the courts will decide since apparently the TV company didn’t register the name in the software category.