Morning Coffee 94

  • By most accounts, the Capitals had a good draft this weekend. They started the day with ten picks across the seven rounds. The ended the day with ten prospects as well as three extra picks next year, including two second rounders. According to the GM George McPhee (aka GMGM), next year’s is “supposed to be a terrific draft” which is probably true but what you always say when you trade down for future picks. On the other hand, if the guys you want are available further down, why not stock up on the future picks?
  • John Lam reports on Steve Yegge’s Rails port to JavaScript that he saw at Foo Camp. Google (aka Steve’s employer) wasn’t interested in adopting Ruby or Rails since they already use C++, Java, JavaScript and Python. So Steve ported Rails to JavaScript. Wow. However, it does beg the question which is more valuable, Ruby or Rails? If you could have just one or the other, which would you choose?
  • Speaking of dynamic languages, Powershell Community Extensions v1.1 is out. I want to check out the new Elevate function. Currently, I’m using the Script Elevation PowerToys, but I would rather have a pure PS solution. (via Powershell Team Blog)
  • I always know it’s a slow day when I decide to check TechMeme while writing my Morning Coffee post. Usually, I get plenty to write about from just my news reading. However, right now, even TechMeme seems mostly uninteresting. Only thing remotely interesting to me is Samsung’s new 64GB solid state drive.


So what is the Rails "answer" on the Microsoft platform? If we don't install Ruby, do we use Rails on JS or is there a Rails version we may want to put up ourselves?