Morning Coffee 87

FYI, I’m at TechEd all next week. Given that WiFi access at conferences usually blows, I’m not planning on regular morning coffee posts. I’ve asked Dale again to keep the lights on around here and he’s graciously said yes. Since I’m not on vacation, I’ll be lurking around as well, but I’ll be in an out. See you in Orlando!

  • Jeff Atwood proclaims that developers are their own worst enemy, because they write too much code. Add in a pinch of “not invented here” syndrome and I think you’ve got it. This is one of the reasons why people think Ruby is the tits.
  • Scott Hanselman has already taken advantage of the new WLWriter provider customization API.
  • Erik Johnson writes about the thunderous REST bandwagon. He doesn’t explicitly say it, but my take is that he thinks this all ends up in some middle ground between REST and WS-*. I hear that, at least, if that’s what he’s saying. I’m not sold on “HTTP is all you need” – I need durability and async messaging, but I don’t see how to get there from here with just HTTP.