Morning Coffee 74

Light on the geek factor this morning:

  • My daughter Rileyanne turned two Saturday so we had a little pool party. One of the major selling points when we bought the house was the double sized hot tub in the back deck. So even though it was only in the mid 60s, we could still get in and swim.
  • Saw Spiderman 3 yesterday. I liked the first two very much, but this one is iffy at best. The problem with these blockbuster movie series is the perceived need to be “bigger” than the previous installments. So we get more effects, more action, more villains. But that usually means less drama and less story. Spiderman 3 is no exception. Here’s hoping that Christopher Nolan’s Batman series doesn’t suffer the same fate.
  • Lost announces an end date. There will be three more shortened seasons for a grand total of 48 episodes (plus the three remaining this season). While I love Lost, I’m glad they’re going this route.
  • Politics 2.0 Watch: according to their blog, is “the conservatives’ answer to YouTube”. Two thoughts on this: First, Having a site of conservative videos for conservatives seems like preaching to the choir. Second, to quote Andrew Sullivan: “It’s not a good sign when a movement cannot engage the mainstream.”
  • John Shewchuk as more details of the connectivity service. Hybrid mode and Direct connect are nice optimizations, but don’t change the messaging semantics at all. But pub/sub eventing does, so I’m primarily interested in that capability.


RE: QubeTV.TV (seem a bit redundant, eh?) Do you level the same complaint against ?
I wasn't complaining about (name created by the Dept. of Redunancy Dept.) I was just making a couple of observations about it. Frankly, I don't think the site founders really get the concept of social networking and user created content, but that's not a cause for me to complain. I'm not particularly familiar with MoveOn, but AFAIK they don't describe themselves as "YouTube for Liberals". A quick glance around their site and I found their VideoVets project ( All those videos are hosted on YouTube and embedded in MoveOn's site. So not sure it's much of a comparison.