Morning Coffee 72 – Catchup Edition

The cross platform CLR isn’t the only big news out of MIX this week. Other big news includes:

A few quick thoughts on these announcements:

  • On the subject of dynamic languages, IronRuby is probably the biggest news since we already have various implementations of the other languages. I wonder how well it will support Rails? ASP.NET already has a model for dynamic language support that I would assume IronRuby will plug into eventually. Between that, rumblings of MVC support for ASP.NET and Project Jasper, you’ve covered most of the surface area Rails covers. But I would assume many folks would like to see RoR proper running under IronRuby on ASP.NET.
  • I wonder what the hosting model for the Silverlight CLR looks like? According to the “essential architecture“, Silverlight includes the .NET Framework, the Core Presentation Framework and the Browser Host. But can you host somewhere other than the browser?
  • Astoria sounds like web service based ODBC. While there are scenarios where that makes sense, I’m not sure I like the idea of delegating control of my data outside the service like that. Udi Dahan is also skeptical of this approach.

Update: The ADO.NET team recently announced that Entity Framework will ship “during the first half of 2008 as an update to the Orcas release of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio”. (h/t Tomas Restrpro)


Don't you mean "...both build on the new ADO.NET Entity Framework that is _not_ shipping in VS Orcas"? :)
Re: Silverlight hosting model This is as far as I've got. Nothing useful yet... Add a reference to: Program FilesMicrosoft Silverlightnpctrl.dll using XcpControlLib; XcpControl control = new XcpControl(); control.Source = "Page.xaml"; IXcpObject ob = (IXcpObject)control.Content; // Now I'm stuck. What can we do with 'ob'? I'd be very interested to hear if any of your friends at Microsoft can flesh this out at all. I'd love a add a 'Test With... Sliverlight' option to TestDriven.NET. ;)