Morning Coffee 82

  • Dare reached a similar conclusion about Silverlight and Apollo that I did. But newly minted Adobe RIA evangelist Ryan Stewart writes that calling Silverlight vs. Apollo the next platform competition is overblown. However, he then reiterates my point that MSFT is moving in on Adobe’s traditional stronghold (aka the web) while Adobe is moving in on MSFT’s traditional stronghold (aka the desktop). The upshot is that both companies are trying to deliver a unified “client” platform that spans desktop, devices and browser. That sounds like “platform competition” to me.
  • Apparently I’m missing the this years compiler dev lab. 😦 John Lam is there, with slides from his talk on the DLR. Miguel de Icaza is there, with fairly extensive notes. Hopefully they will post talks like they did last year.
  • Speaking of languages, Scott Hanselman explains why he thinks Ruby is “the tits”. Personally, on the scale between “I can’t see where Ruby is such hot shit” and “Ruby is the tits”, I’m somewhere near the middle, leaning towards tits. I love the expressiveness of Ruby’s syntax, but I miss the static typing. Call me over the hill, but I like the compiler catching mistakes at compile time. I realize it’s not for everyone, but I like what I like.
  • This talk about Ruby’s expressiveness reminds me of something Larry O’Brien said in the wake of the IronRuby announcement: “I am surprised by the IronRuby announcement. I really thought we were going to see some form of Ruby#:Ruby::C#:Java. Although I’m happy, I was actually hoping to see a new language.” The expressiveness of Ruby that Scott describes (which is to say, not all of Ruby’s expressiveness) would be completely achievable in a statically typed language. Personally, I’d like to see that language…
  • My birthday is past, but I want a Lego Ice Cube Tray. (via Geekdad)