I’m 37!?!?!?!

No, I’m not referring to this hilarious line from Clerks. It’s my birthday today – can you guess which one?

(note, there’s no real point to this post, except to have “I’m 37!?!” in the title. Let’s just say I’m a big Kevin Smith fan. In case you haven’t see Clerks, most lines from that movie are NSFW. )

Update: David Ing’s son broke his arm over the weekend. That led David to write “If you are away from your family a lot then my advice would be to fix that as quickly as you can.” +1 on that sentiment. I went from field architect evangelist (travel requirement ~50%) to HQ architect evangelist (travel requirement ~10%) when Patrick was born. Of course in MSIT, I almost never travel, something my whole family appreciates. Something to be thankful for as I turn a year older.


Congrats on turning 37. Kevin Smith is throwing a 37th birthday bash near his home town, in Red Bank, NJ at the Count Basie theater: http://www.newsaskew.com/includes/feature.shtml?id=EEZlEyFVyuMsBboAed&style=single. I'll be there, and there are still tickets available if you can get to NJ for the Aug. 2nd show.
I'm only 25. In hex. Happy birthday Harry.
Happy birthday Harry! Have fun :)