Making My Mark at TechEd

One of the things that’s different about being in MSIT is that it’s cut my travel dramatically. Basically, the only travel I’ve done since taking this job was Thomas Erl’s SOA Workshop last September. So it came as a bit of a surprise when I got tapped to present at TechEd (at fairly close to the last minute).

The last year I ran the architecture track, all track owners were asked to include either a globalization or MSIT session in our track. Since then, MSIT has expanded it’s role at TechEd dramatically, with 14 breakouts, 20 chalk talks and our own Technical Learning Center.

I’m doing a two chalk talks on my MSIT project, Rome. I mentioned the project back when I switched jobs, but we’ve never talked about the project by name before. We haven’t accomplished quite as much as I’d hoped since then, but we’ve progressed to the point that we can talk publicly about what we’re doing. Now that we’ve begun to open the kimono a bit, you should see more on Rome, Not only from me but also my teammates who blog: Dale, Rick and Dottie.

So if you’re going to TechEd, make sure you stop by the MSIT Technical Learning Center and say hi. Unlike my last two trips to TechEd, I have very limited responsibilities this time – basically just show up on time and talk about what I do all day, twice – so that leaves plenty of time to attend sessions, chat up attendees and ride roller coasters. Hope to see you there.

ROME: Service Oriented Infrastructure for the Enterprise
Like most enterprises, Microsoft IT is adopting a service oriented approach for the development of their internal systems. However, in order to avoid projects building similar service infrastructures on a per application basis, MSIT realizes the need for a common service oriented infrastructure to build these systems upon. Inside MSIT, the Rome project is tasked with designing, building and maintaining the infrastructure for these services. Come chat with Harry Pierson, lead architect of the Rome project, and discuss the challenges of building a large-scale service infrastructure inside a large enterprise like Microsoft.

  • MST02-TLC Monday (June 4th) 1:15-2:30pm
  • MST14-TLC Thursday (June 7th) 1-2:15pm