Parent’s Visit Coffee

Obviously, there’s some fairly big news coming out of Las Vegas this week. I’ll get to that either later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s what I did with my parents this past weekend.

  • My parents arrived Thursday at the same time Patrick has to be dropped off for school. My office is fairly close to his school, so Julie dropped him off with me on her way to the airport. He and I ate lunch together and then I took him to school. Always fun to spend extra time with the kids.
  • Friday was Take Your Dad to Work day – at least it was for me. We had a team lunch out and he sat in on a couple of meetings. He’s spent quite a bit of time on IPv6 recently, so infrastructure discussions like my group’s are right up his alley. According to one of my team’s PMs, my meeting behavior is “much better” when he’s around.
  • Saturday, we went to the Museum of Flight. I don’t know who was more excited, my son or my father. Dad’s favorite plane is the Blackbird, so he really enjoyed sitting in the SR-71 cockpit. It was raining the last time we went to the museum, so this was the first time I had seen Air Force One and the Concorde.
  • Sunday, we watched the Mariners beat the Royals. It’s been three long years in the basement for M’s fans, but they have been slowly getting better year over year. Not sure they can make the playoffs this year, but maybe they can at least finish over .500.
  • Yesterday, we went to the Woodland Park Zoo. My parents are members of FONZ and my kids love the Zoo. We had fun, though after three and a half days of “go go go” with my parents the kids were a bit worn down. The gorillas were very active, banging on the glass and running away – sort of the gorilla version of ding dong ditch. Another highlight was getting to see the tiger cub.
  • My parents flew home last night on the red eye, and everyone is very sad to see them go. It had been about eight months since we had seen them. Here’s hoping it won’t be that long before the next visit.