Morning Coffee 58

  • Nicholas Allen points out that Messaging is not a Transaction. Of course, what he really means is that Messaging with WCF is not a Transaction. Messaging with SSB is in fact a transaction (well, more accurately, it’s transactional but you get the idea). Nick’s right that you may not need anything more than simple retry semantics that you can implement yourself in your application protocol. But SSB has spoiled me. Why should I have to write the retry semantics? Why can’t my messaging stack provide that for me? Or put another way, if I need a “precicely defined failure model”, wouldn’t I be better of choosing a messaging stack that provides that out of the box?
  • Steve Hartman explains how to use span Remote Desktop Connection across multiple monitors for use with VPC. I wonder if this will work on my machine, since my multi-monitor setup is an L shape, not a rectangle. I’m offsite today, so I’ll try it tomorrow (via DotNetKicks)
  • According to news reports, Microsoft is negotiating to provide DRM free music too. I wonder how well this will work for Microsoft given that both Zune and PlaysForSure provide subscription services. I would assume the $15 all-you-can-listen style subscription services wouldn’t be DRM free. Given that program is one of the (few) selling points they have over Apple, will the availablity of DRM Free music undercut the interest in subscription? (via Dale)