This Is Not A Technical Blog

Sam Gentile decided to spawn a new blog because he doesn’t feel his CodeBetter blog is the place to write about “politics, music, family or life in general”. I understand Sam’s feelings 100%. I maintained for these exactly these reasons. But since I’m no longer an evangelist (or MVP, natch) and my blog no longer graces the pages of the MSDN Architecture Center, I don’t bother to provide a dev-centric, politically sanitized and work safe version of this blog. As I wrote several years ago that DevHawk is not a technical blog, it’s my personal blog. Like Sam, I don’t get paid to write it and if you don’t want to put up with my politics to get my architecture insights, you’re free to unsubscribe.

Sam, if you’re reading this, I suggest that you have one “master” blog and one “sanitized” blog, rather than two independent ones. I’ve tried having two separate blogs, but one always suffered. My rationale was always that there is only one “me” and I wanted once place that reflects the things I am passionate about. If I felt a specific post needed to be sanitized for whatever reason (too personal, too vulgar, not technical, etc.) I would simply choose to not cross post it to my MSDN blog.


To each his/her own, but I completely agree with you on this. Just have one blog. I actually like blogs that reflect the person for who they are, not just for the code they write.
I agree, but I take it one step further. I use a multiblog app (Community Server) so readers can easily pick a full feed, one of the specific feeds, or even filter it by tag. It isn't optimal, but it works for me.
No way would I unsubscribe from this blog. I think you're a pretty smart guy (albeit a bit misguided at times). Your technical content is very interesting and insightful. Your inane political rants are entertaining and amusing. I feel the same way about Charles Petzold. Unsubscribing from either source would be as silly as boycotting good movies due to the politics of the actors. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. :-)