Morning Coffee 69

  • John Shewchuk introduces the new BizTalk Services. Well, “new” is a bit of a misnomer: STS and Relay (now called Identity and Connectivity) were previously available under the Live Labs umbrella and the other new services they announced aren’t available yet. Bt these new services they announced are compelling: ServiceBus is an pub/sub event delivery mechanism that scales to the internet and Workflow is a WF hosting solution. I’m looking forward to experimenting with these new services (when they become available).
  • Nick Malik continues his series of posts on governance. Money quote: “Tools manage, People govern”. I feel a little bad because I punted on the governance presentation that’s he’s preping, so maybe I’ll get that on a bumper sticker for him or something.
  • Chris Anderson has a few voice-over lines in Halo 3. While that’s cool for him, he mentions a new feature I was unaware of: “the one thing that completely blew me away (aside from the graphics, animation, level design and new vehicles and weapons) was the ability to record a game and play it back on Xbox Live, freezing the action at any point and flying around the scene, Matrix style. It may sound just like a standard replay function, but take my word for it, it’s not. I think it’s revolutionary, and I predict that Halo 3 will take machinima to a whole new level.” Cool!
  • According to the XNA Team Blog, the new XNA GSE Refresh is now available. And as a thanks for our patience, they added four free months to all creator club members subscriptions. Thanks guys!


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