Morning Coffee 68

  • My wife and I celebrated our seven year anniversary over the weekend. She rocks. ‘Nuff said.
  • Over the weekend, Gov.Gregoire signed a bill that protecting the rights of same-sex couples. It’s not the same as full marriage rights (which long time readers know I fully support) but it’s a step in the right direction.
  • I picked up the Xbox 360 HD DVD player over the weekend. Rented Batman Begins and it looks awesome. However, it wasn’t the stunning difference between standard and high def TV programming. I wonder if my five year old HDTV is showing it’s age.
  • Scott Guthrie continues his LINQ series with a post on the new Query Syntax in C#3/VB9. While this is feature is great for those who are using LINQ to SQL, it does force pretty much all LINQ to whatever providers to support the from-where-orderby-select pattern. But not all query sources want to be limited to that model. For example, if you wanted to do a LINQ to Data Warehouse, wouldn’t you want more flexibility in your query syntax?
  • I didn’t realize Steve Jones had a blog. At least, I think this Steve Jones is the Steve Jones that I know. But I’m not sure. Either way, it looks good so I subscribed… (via Sam Gentile)


Congrats to both of you!