Morning Coffee 67

  • Beta 1 of VS “Orcas” and .NET Framework 3.5 has shipped. Get it here. Besides LINQ, I’m most looking forward to experimenting with some of the new WF/WCF integration work. However, I don’t think this beta includes DBPro functionality. Not surprising, given that DBPro only shipped a few months ago, but disappointing since I’ve moved all my database dev work over to that model.
  • Korby Parnell introduces Claimspace, part of the Microsoft.Community family. While the other family members are retreads – blogs, forums and tagging – but this seems like something fundamentally new – or at least new to me – and therefore interesting. (via Larkware)
  • Scott Hanselman updates the new version of Notepad2 to re-enable Ruby support originally built by Wesner Moise. Ruby is nice, but where’s the PowerShell love?
  • After his performance in front the Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Gonzales is grossly incompetent, lying or both. What does it say about President Bush that he was “pleased with the Attorney General’s testimony“? It says Bush values loyalty over competence, is hiding something or both. Given that his approval ratings can’t get much worse, I guess standing by Gonzales even in the midst of bi-partisan calls for his resignation isn’t going to affect Bush much politically. On the other hand, confirming a new AG with a Democratic congress and low 30% approval rating might be devastating, depending on the bodies buried over there.