Morning Coffee 65

  • My brother is a VaTech alumni, so the shock of the deadly shootings there yesterday hits very close to home. My heavy heart is with the grieving Hokie nation today.
  • Jeff Atwood has a couple of greatposts on Language vs. Platform. Earlier in my MSFT career, I spent a significant amount of time explaining .NET, often to companies that had made a significant investment in Java. Picking the Java platform is fine (it’s almost the best platform around!), but it seemed many people I spoke to didn’t understand the fact that “[w]hen you choose a language, like it or not, you’ve chosen a platform“.
  • Ian Thomas riffs on my When is a Service Not a Service post. I like Ian’s thinking about SaaS as an analogy for SOA adoption – if for no other reason that SaaS is easier to “get”. But trying to realize SOA via SaaS inside the enterprise is a mistake in my opinion (and I think Ian would agree with that). SaaS is a business model, and I don’t think you want to turn your enterprise into an internal service marketplace. Instead, this ties back with Nick Malik’s points about central planning. Regardless if I’m right or wrong, I subscribed to Ian’s blog (and not just because he linked to me – check out his Elements of the Future Business Ecosystem)
  • TLA Watch: Oracle coins Application Integration Architecture (aka AIA). Joe McKendrick calls it “Big SOA”. Isn’t this the market segment that BizTalk has been in for seven years?


Hmmm. Sounds familiar.
Great minds think alike!