Morning Coffee 60

My car has a new battery so I am back in the office with my nose on the grindstone. I’ve spent most of the morning talking about SOA and my MSIT project, so I only have a few items today.

  • Nicholas Carr illustrates the coming competiton between and Google. Very interesting. Of course, that doesn’t damp “their mutual disdain for the Horrible Monster of Redmond” as Carr puts it.
  • I decre that Peter Schneider officially has too much time on his hands. I mean, if he’s got time to implement a compiler and interpreter for Brainfuck in Powershell, what else has he got time for? On the other hand, it’s short and shows how internal DSL friendly PS can be. (via Larkware)
  • Jeff Atwood wonders if MTurk is a failure. I wrote a year ago that MTurk is a successful feature, but would be a failure as a stand-alone service. As I wrote then, “I’m guessing it would be worth it to Amazon to run the service even if they were the only ones using it.”