Morning Coffee 51

  • Visual Studio for DB Professionals – my favorite new part of the Visual Studio – won a JOLT award. Congrats to the Data Dudes! (via Knowing.NET)
  • When they’re older, I’d like to send my kids to Tinkering School. Come to think of it, I’d like to go with them to Tinkering School. According to Geekdad, they’re looking helping others set up their own Tinkering Schools. I wonder if Jules would be down to help me run one?
  • Sandboxie is a sandbox environment for your windows based PC. Basically, it traps writes to the filesystem and registry and stores them in a seperate file that is easily tossed away. Sort of like virtual machine differencing drives, but for your host machine. I’ll have to check it out. I wonder how it compares to Microsoft’s recent aqusition Softricity? (via Larkware News)
  • I didn’t realize Bug Bash had an external website. As per the about page, Bug Bash started “a comic strip in the company newsletter of a large northwest software company…[who’s] name rhymes with ‘Microsoft’.” It is a hilarious Dev/IT focused comic strip from the same guy who writes Mr. Cranky. Subscribed. (via Coding Horror)