Morning Coffee 49

  • The eBay Architecture SD Forum presentation that spawned the whole Transactionless meme is available here. As I reported yesterday, it doesn’t call for going completely transactionless as Martin suggested. It calls for going without distributed transactions, which I agree with 100%.
  • More interesting than the transactional aspects, I found the data tier functional segmentation information facinating. Too bad those guys aren’t using our platform, SSB was expressly designed for exactly this sort of segmentation. I also liked that step 1 for “massively scaling J2EE” is to “throw out most of J2EE”.
  • After going mostly dark since last august, the manager of my old team John deVadoss has been blogging up a storm since the beginning of March. So has my old boss Mike Platt. I wonder what happened at the begining of March? Here’s hoping this blogging fever spreads on my old team.
  • Joe McKendrick: “The bottom line is that ROI on SOA is an enterprise challenge, not an IT challenge.” Truer words are rarely spoken.
  • The rumor mill on the Black Xbox 360 “Elite” are coming fast and furious. I don’t care about the HDMI port (my HDTV is five years old and doesn’t have one) but I would like a bigger hard drive…