Morning Coffee 47

  • USC is in the Sweet 16. Not sure when that’s ever happened before.
  • Politics 2.0 Watch: The rise of political blogs in main stream media reporting. Check out what the LA Times has to say about Talking Points Memo. 2008 is going to be interesting and ugly.
  • Jeffrey Palermo wrote that Scott Guthrie showed him a prototype web MVC framework for ASP.NET. Looking forward to seeing that. I thought it was interesting that Jeff described web MVC as “like Rails and MonoRail”. Didn’t Web MVC initially gain popularity on Java with toolkits like Struts and Spring? (via Larkware News)
  • For reasons that can’t be explained, I haven’t read Eric.Weblog() in quite a while. My loss. His post on Boundaries was both thought provoking and hilarious, a hard combo to achieve in practice.
  • New versions of Expression Design (Beta 2) and Expression Blend (Release Candidate) are available.
  • Martin Fowler writes about being Transactionless. I like to see people thinking this way, because I don’t believe transactions across services is feasible or loosely coupled. However, I still think you should use transactions inside the service. Also, I gotta wonder how much time all that error checking logic you have to write takes if you’re not using transactions. What’s the tradeoff?