Morning Coffee 45

  • Yesterday’s morning coffee was canceled on account of going to main campus and hanging out with the Architect MVPs. I spent all morning + dinner with them yesterday. Some of these guys I hadn’t seen in nearly two years, so it was a ton of fun.
  • Nicolas Allen (aka Dr. Nick) is looking for SQL Service Broker users. I cornered him at the MVP dinner last night and gave him my thoughts on WCF + SSB. You can head over to his blog and do the same. (I’ll post my answers to his questions later today, hopefully)
  • The new Vista x64 driver for my workstation’s video card does support monior rotation, so I’m mostly XP free at this point. I’m dual-booting my workstation at this point, while I finish configuring stuff in the Vista partition. With both my workstation and work laptop tablet, I’m XP free at work. Next, I start getting home machines moved over.
  • Tom Hollander reports on a new drop of the Guidance Automation Toolkit. Mostly bug fixes like Vista support, but the full list is here. It’s an ugly upgrade process. You have to uninstall all existing guidance packages. I can’t wait until this technology is “integrate[d] … more deeply into Visual Studio and Team System”.
  • I mentioned the Podcast Authoring tool that I saw at TechFest last week. Herearesome pictures of it from engadget (via Loke Uei Tan)
  • I’ve been thinking of getting a Wii, and the fact I can hack code for it – managed code for managed snobs no less – is just another good reason to do it. (via DotNetKicks)