Morning Coffee 27

  • Is there a good solution to colorize source code that looks good in RSS feeds? I’ve tried Insert Code and Paste from VS for WL Writer and both look fine in HTML but awful in RSS.
  • My friend David Geller launched his latest venture Eyejot recently. Eyejot is a Flash-based video messaging system, so you can send and receive video clips without having to install anything but a webcam. According to the Eyejot blog, they’re getting some good press. See an interview with David about Eyejot up on YouTube.
  • Here’s an interesting article on using WF with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. Invoking MTurk isn’t that interesting – it’s just a web service and WF has a built-in InvokeWebService activity. But since MTurk has no way to asynchronously call out to the WF, you have no choice but to regularly poll MTurk to see if the task is complete. Yuck. (via Larkware)
  • Yahoo! Pipes looks interesting. At least the screen shots of it on various websites and blogs look cool. Too bad the site is absolutely hammered this morning. (via Dare Obasanjo)
  • Like GAT? Like DSL? Then use them together!
  • If I can more than raise my Gamerscore by 1,500 points by April 12th (i.e. more than double it), I can get a free $5 game. But why wait to start the contest until next Monday? Doesn’t that discourage people from playing until then?


In regards to the Gamescore thing. The price you receive is based on your annual Gamescore at time of registration. So in reality they are giving you till Monday to play as much as possible to bump yourself up into a new category and win bigger prices if you do get that 1,500 points in the specified time period.
Regarding the Colorized code in feeds, I'd like to know to. Several people seem to be able to do it without problems, but even though I've repeatedly asked about it (directly and indirectly) I have yet to hear an answer. Must be an important secret to guard it so closely.
Thanks Harry! I owe you a morning coffee.